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Easy & Comfortable backed by High Quality

Children develop by moving, running and playing.
Our clothing is designed to move easily and comfortably all the time. For this reason MIKI HOUSE cares for every detail from material through fitting.  Our products are also designed to make a parent’s life easier.

Easy & Comfortable backed by High Quality

Soft Fabrics

Our collection features a variety of high quality knits such as 44/2 jersey or French terry.  Even our standard tee shirts are made of the best quality 100% cotton jersey.  It touches the skin very softly like a parent’s hug.

Natural Touch on Skin

For any part that directly touches the child’s skin, we use natural fabrics as much as we can.  The rib neckband on a tee shirt must contain a certain amount of polyurethane for elasticity.  We use cotton/polyurethane yarn that is covered with cotton on the surface so the skin touches only cotton.

Stretch in Bottoms

Most of our bottoms come with a rib waistband or an elastic waist.  The ribbed waist band is extremely comfortable yet stays on the waist for sure.  The elastic waist also focuses on maximizing comfort, rather than on adjusting.


Typically on our shoes or high-density nylon jacket, we are using lightweight materials across all categories.  Children can move easier and run faster with more body control.  It also enhances comfort.

Snap Buttons* on Shoulders

Most of our tee shirts and sweatshirts have snap buttons, which help easy putting on and taking off.
*For size 12mos and 2T only.

Wide Opening Shoes

Most of our shoes have Wide Opening to make a child’s and even a parent’s life easier.


Some people think durability is not the main issue in children’s wear because children grow fast.  MIKI HOUSE thinks durability is one of the essential elements because it means high quality.  Any loving child deserves high quality.