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High Performance Materials for Children

Babies and toddlers should also benefit from today’s high technology. 
We deploy innovative materials or manufacturing if it is best for children.

Ultra-Red Ray Fabric

 UV Cut High Density Nylon

UV Cut High Density NylonUV rays affect your child year round, if not always as strongly as during summer.  Our high density nylon textile cuts UV rays by 90% or more and protects your child’s skin. It is used for our jackets and hats.  It is lightweight and water resistant as well as breathable for maximum comfort.

Ultra-Red Ray Fabric

Fabric that has far infrared ray effect keeps your child warm during the cold weather.

Flexible Joint Design on Shoes’ Outsole

It allows flexible bending of the outsole, so children can walk smoothly.


Made of 100% polyester insulation, THERMOLITE® has porous yarns that hold heat firmly and ensure both warmness and lightweight comfort for your child.  It is a registered trademark of INVISTA.  Its fabric and insulation provide warmth and comfort without weight.  For more information, visit