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New Spring Collection - Cozy & durable cotton knits. Find more spring styles.

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  1. Trompe L'oeil Messenger Bag Tee

    Trompe L'oeil Messenger Bag Tee

    Playful trompe l'oeil shirt and messenger bag tee with so many details such as emblem, embroideries and applique. Made in Japan with the finest craftsmanship. Snap buttons* on shoulder for easy wearing. *12mos & 2T only. Learn More
  2. Amusement Park Tee

    Amusement Park Tee

    Happy time in MIKI HOUSE Amusement Park! Applique, embroideries and all other details on front and back. Snap buttons* on shoulder for easy wearing. *12mos & 2T only. Learn More
  3. UV Cut Reversible Hat

    UV Cut Reversible Hat

    Pure cotton hat with UV cut by more than 90%. Adjustable belt on the head for comfort. Reversible for the gingham check design inside out. Learn More
  4. Floral Frilled Bunny Tunic

    Floral Frilled Bunny Tunic

    Floral filled tunic with applique and embroideries on bunnies and flowers. Coordinate with pants or leggings. Snap buttons* on shoulder for easy wearing. *12mos & 2T only. Learn More
  5. Usako Bunny Hybrid Pants

    Usako Bunny Hybrid Pants

    Stretch denim on front and cut & sew knit on back. Maximum comfort, exclusive design and detailed embroideries. 7/10 length, or 5/10 length when rolled up. Learn More
  6. Cuffed Knit Shorts

    Cuffed Knit Shorts

    Lightweight stretch shorts of finest quality. Cuffed hems look stylish when adjusting the length. Learn More
  7. Summer Spats

    Summer Spats

    Cute design with high sweat absorption and quick dry feature in knit fabric. Summer Spats are perfect for both baby in diapers and very active toddler. 5/10 length. Learn More
  8. Heart Sandal

    Heart Sandal

    High quality, soft straps and insole keep feet comfortable. Light weight and easy to wear. Learn More
  9. Double Russell Mesh Sandal

    Double Russell Mesh Sandal

    Three dimensional double russell mesh keeps feet dry and comfortable. It also reduces friction and jarring, and protects feet. Hard heel counter to hold toddlers’ feet firmly. Turned-up toe to prevent stumbling. Flexible Joint Design and other original features to help with a little child’s safety and with healthy growth of feet. Learn More
  10. Usako Bunny UV Cut Hat

    Usako Bunny UV Cut Hat

    Cute straw hat with more than 90% UV cut feature. Soft and lightweight. Learn More

10 Item(s)

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