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  1. DOUBLE_B High Top Canvas Second Shoes

    DOUBLE_B High Top Canvas Second Shoes

    High top sneaker with canvas and leather. Hard heel counter to hold feet firmly. Flexible Joint Design and other original features to help with a child's safety and with healthy growth of feet. Learn More
  2. MIKI HOUSE & MIZUNO Shoes-Floral

    MIKI HOUSE & MIZUNO Shoes-Floral

    Seeking for the healthiest shoes for children, MIKI HOUSE and MIZUNO, a high quality sporting goods manufacturer, developed the ergonomically shaped Insole for Healthy Growth with podiatrists, chiropodists and orthotics specialists. Now, shoes hold feet very firmly but allow toes to spread and move like barefoot walking does, which promotes stronger foot muscles, better body balance and healthy growth of young children. Learn More
  3. DOUBLE_B Sneaker

    DOUBLE_B Sneaker

    One of our bestseller DOUBLE_B sneaker that has a perfect fit for active children. Durable, lightweight and easy wearing. Learn More

3 Item(s)

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