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Shoes for Children’s Healthy Growth

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Healthy growth of feet is connected with the healthy growth of body and mind. So, choosing the best fitting shoes at the early stages of life is extremely important. MIKI HOUSE has been dedicated to developing the best fitting shoes for young children for more than 40 years.

All of our shoes are designed to promote the development of feet for better and safer walking. Here are five key functions in our shoes:

1.Turned-up Toe 


Tip of toe box is turned up at the appropriate angle to prevent stumbling.

2.Room to Grow 


Toe box has enough room for the infant's toes to spread out as he walks.

3.Flexible Joint Design 


Ergonomic design has a flexible joint on outsole for maximum comfort.

4.Hard Heel Counter


Larger and firmer counter holds child's heel and ankle firmly and promotes proper walking.

Also, it prevents talipes valgus, or a deformity resulting in permanent eversion of the foot so that only the inner side of the sole rests on the ground.

5.Wide Opening & Wide Hook-and-Loop Strap 


Wide opening for easier wearing.
Wide Hook-and-Loop Strap holds the foot firmly so the foot does not move inside the shoe.