A Message To Our Loyal Customers

Here is one of my favorite photos with my daughter in our denim collection, Double_B. This picture will stay as our sweet family memory forever.

First, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our site to learn more about MIKI HOUSE. My name is Yoshi Takeda and it is my great pleasure to be writing the first blog post for MIKI HOUSE USA! Let me begin by telling you a little more about myself.

I began working for MIKI HOUSE Head Office in 1998 and immediately felt at home with both the office staff as well as the store staff. I fell more in love with all of the products and the amazing vision the brand held to really bring happiness to children and their families. You see, I was a young dad, still in my early 20s, with a three year old daughter at home.

In August 2001, I moved to Boston to begin studying business with a drive to research the American children’s clothing market. I had been working at MIKI HOUSE Head Office in Japan for three years at this point and felt it was time for MIKI HOUSE to make the move to the states and with it, myself and my family. It was the first time for myself and my family to live abroad but we were ready for the challenge.

Being fans of the brand, my wife and I always dressed our daughter in MIKI HOUSE. On top of looking adorable, we truly enjoyed the durability, functionality, and vivid colors of the products. We thought the unique designs could stimulate our daughter's creativity, and it worked! She would draw pictures of herself wearing the outfits and even started to design her own line at age four! I really wanted to share this experience with American families. I was concerned, however, if the American market would hold the same level of appreciation for the brand that had become my family, as I did.

One day, walking down Newbury Street in Boston with my daughter after I picked her up from her preschool, I was stopped by a mother who inquired where I had gotten my daughters outfit. As I shared more information about this Japanese born brand, I saw her fascination and interest grow and I knew that my dream could truly become a reality and the American market was ready.

Following my graduation, I did some market analysis and presented it to the founder of MIKI HOUSE to get the OK to launch the brand in the US. I was given the go-ahead under one condition: I had to do it alone. Frankly, this was new territory for me. I felt like I was thrown into the ocean without a life saver! Yet, I knew I had to persevere to succeed, I asked Japan to send some sample products and I began the long journey.

The owner of the most famous children’s clothier in Philadelphia reached out to me. I was asked to meet in Philadelphia the next day at 6 a.m.; it was 7 p.m. in New York at this time. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to make it in time. At 6 a.m., I knocked on the door, when the owner answered, she was impressed and immediately placed an order. She was our first client. Thanks to her, it didn’t take long before word spread of our brand to other retailers. Thanks to the support of our enthusiastic customers, we currently operate three boutiques in New York, Miami, and San Francisco, our own online store, as well as being sold in various retail outlets throughout the U.S.

As of May 2018, my little MIKI HOUSE girl is attending school to pursue her own dream to be a musician, while her dad is still working hard to bring that same smile that MIKI HOUSE brought my family, to families all over the U.S. I want more children to enjoy our items just as my daughter did when she was little. Through all of the struggling and challenging, my family was able to find a home in MIKI HOUSE and we welcome you to our family with open arms.

Check back regularly to see what’s happening at MIKI HOUSE USA, with updates on product launches, in-store events, advice on dressing your children, tips for expecting parents, and more.