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Our Design & Quality

Clothing That Makes Children Smile

MIKI HOUSE wants your child to be happy and smiling. Our colorful, easy and comfortable clothing is created purely for children. For their smiles, MIKI HOUSE has developed a unique design and color palette, and has added a little nice story in each product

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Shoes for Children’s Healthy Growth

Healthy growth of feet is connected with the healthy growth of body and mind. So, choosing the best fitting shoes at the early stages of life is extremely important. MIKI HOUSE has been dedicated to developing the best fitting shoes for young children for more than 40 years.

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Easy & Comfortable backed by High Quality

Children develop by moving, running and playing. Our clothing is designed to move easily and comfortably all the time. For this reason MIKI HOUSE cares for every detail from material through fitting. Our products are also designed to make a parent’s life easier. For example,

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Wearable Picture Book

Bright colors, favorite animals, fun trompe l’oeil… MIKI HOUSE is a real wearable picture book! Children can tell a story from their own clothing. Picture books are always good for development and communication skills...

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High Performance Material for Children

Babies and toddlers should also benefit from today’s high technology. We deploy innovative materials or manufacturing if it is best for children. For example...

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