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MIKI HOUSE & MIZUNO Collaboration Shoe Collection

Mizuno - World Renowned High Quality Sporting Goods Brand

Since its establishment in Osaka, Japan in 1906 by Rihachi Mizuno, Mizuno Corporation manufactures and distributes high quality sports equipment, apparel and footwear for running, golf, baseball, softball, volleyball, track & field and many others worldwide

MIZUNO has taken special pride and pleasure in offering the products of the highest quality in the exciting world of sports with the true sportsmanship. MIZUNO's philosophy is to contribute to the world through advancement of great sporting goods and promotion of sports.

Seeking for the healthiest shoes for children, MIKI HOUSE and MIZUNO, the high quality sporting goods manufacturer, developed the ergonomically shaped Insole for Healthy Growth with podiatrists, chiropodists and orthotics specialists. Now, shoes hold feet very firmly but also allow toes to spread and move like barefoot walking does, which promotes stronger foot muscles, better body balance and healthy growth of young children.


Key Functions of Insole for Healthy Growth

  1. Front Sole Support
    Maximize the toe function for the highest efficient kick start

  2. Inner Arch Support
    Protect the ankles from leaning inward when it reaches the ground

  3. Outer Arch Support
    Protect the ankles from leaning outward when it reaches the ground

  4. Heel Support
    Hold the heels firmly for stability

Size Guideline on Insole for Healthy Growth

Insole is removable and has guidelines in the toe to check if the size is right for growing foot.

Beige Zone - Best fit
Red Zone - Shoe is too small Not reaching
Below Beige Zone – Shoe is too big. Need smaller size