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Our History



Koichi Kimura, along with his wife and designer Yoshiko Kimura, founded MIKI Sangyo, a manufacturer and wholesaler of children's clothing in Yao City, Osaka. Aiming to create high-quality products that parents would dream of giving to their precious children, they developed hats and shoes in addition to clothes, a feat that was rare for children's clothing brands at the time. From its inception, the brand was imagined as one that offered full looks from head to toe.

First Directly Managed Store Opens

Launched first directly managed store in acclaimed fashion building Tokyo BAL. The MIKI HOUSE brand was further established as directly managed stores were developed nationwide in locations such as Laforet Harajuku and Seibu Department Store Ikebukuro. Our 100th directly managed store was opened eight years later (1985).

Beginning of Our Shoes

Manufacturing began for our safe, comfortable MIKI HOUSE brand baby shoes. Our baby shoes properly support children's walking and foot growth by using a special vulcanization method, and have excellent flexibility that allows comfortable walking.

First Overseas Export

As Made in Japan goods attracted global attention for their high quality, New York luxury department store Saks Fifth Avenue became the first to feature our products abroad. The products were lauded as "great children's clothes from Japan!"

First CM Broadcast

Beginning with our first TV commercial with the memorable catchphrase "Hello Dad!", we broadcasted many commercials such as "Daddy loves you" and "Go to the world" to spread our brand message. Other commercials such as "Hadakanbo", "Birthday Gift" and the "Earth is the basic color" series were also widely noticed.

Logo-Back Sweatshirt

Introduced our iconic MIKI HOUSE logo-back sweatshirt. The comfortable, high-quality sweatshirts were also offered in adult sizes for cute parent-child matching outfits.

First Overseas Directly Managed Store Opens

After exhibiting at SIME (Paris International Trade Fair) in 1984, we set up our first overseas directly managed store in the Parisian fashion center Place des Victoires, home to many luxury boutiques.

MIKI HOUSE Picture Book Publications

With the desire to enrich children's imagination, we published fun, brightly-colored picture books that told Japanese folktales like "Momotaro" and "Urashima Taro." We continue to create picture books for all children from age 0, including books with sound and the Kenji Miyazawa Series.

"Kinokuni Children's Village" Alternative School Opens

Supported the opening of the alternative school "Kinokuni Children's Village Academy" because of our belief in educational policies that emphasized free thought and individuality in children.


Birth of our stylish, American-inspired brand Double_B. Breaking off from our traditional styles, this brand features a black bear as its main character and a prominent use of denim without sacrificing our famous quality and attention to detail.

Judo's Tadahiro Nomura Wins His 3rd Consecutive Victory at the Athens Olympics

Our support for sports began with the desire to allow children to see their endless potential and chase their dreams. 13 of our athletes competed at the Athens Olympics, including table tennis star Ai Fukuhara. Judo's Tadahiro Nomura achieved the feat of winning 3 consecutive titles.

Japan Industry Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo

Demonstrated Japanese quality at the Shanghai World Expo Japan Industry Pavilion as a representative for Japanese apparel brands. MIKI HOUSE's booth attracted 20,000 visitors a day, and raised much brand awareness in China.

Sponsored a Record 17 Athletes for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics

Starting with the Barcelona Olympics, we have sponsored athletes for 7 consecutive Olympic Games. We sponsored a record 17 athletes for the Rio de Janeiro games, winning 5 medals, including Asia's first canoe medal won by Takuya Haneda.

Asian Flagship Store Opens

Direct management flagship store opened in the IFC mall, Shanghai's largest luxury shopping mall. Presented with excellent customer service and the highest quality products, this store will spread brand awareness to all of Asia.

SDG Initiatives

To become a company that is trusted and needed by the world, we have implemented environmental protection activities and human rights due diligence. We have further addressed supply chain issues regarding human rights, work conditions, safety and environment. In March 2021, we plan to open our SDG website to promote activities that will encourage children and their families to create a more sustainable world.

MIKI HOUSE 50th Anniversary

"Futures Full of Smiles for Children and Their Families"We will continue to deliver safe, reliable products that put children's needs first and provide services you can trust.