KUMON PUBLISHING & MIKI HOUSE Special Collaboration - August


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MIKI HOUSE will collaborate with KUMON PUBLISHING, which is one of the leading educational institutions.

KUMON PUBLISHING will give MIKI HOUSE customers a sample page from the workbook "My Book of Numbers 1-30." Over 26 million Kumon Workbooks sold around the world.

Download this month's challenge here, and solve the Challenge!

We will share one sample page from

KUMON PUBLISHING on our website every month for 6 months from August!

We hope you enjoy them!

Why should you choose Kumon Workbooks for your child?

  • Kumon Workbooks are based on the Kumon Method, a learning system designed to help each child reach their full learning potential.
  • Concepts are introduced in a step- by-step manner that allows your child to master each in turn without frustration.
  • Through Kumon Workbooks, children gain confidence in their abilities and are motivated to learn on their own.

    To find out more, visit

    KUMON PUBLISHING's website!

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