For Our Earth and the Future of Our Children

We at MIKI HOUSE Group have and will continue to implement environmentally-conscious strategies to contribute to an increasingly sustainable society and conservation of our rich, beautiful Earth.

- Use of FSC certified paper for shopping bags and wrapping paper as well as use of biomass (plant-derived) plastic for product-protective poly bags have been adopted.
- Starting in Fall/Winter 2020, goods made with recycled or biodegradable materials will be used in earnest.

To reduce cardboard usage, we have introduced reusable "eco packing" materials for Warehouse-to-store product deliveries.
Plans are in place to use biodegradable materials to create our in-store mannequin torsos.

At our dyeing factories, the huge quantities of water used in production will be purified and regulated in an advanced processing system to minimize its impact on the environment.

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