Thank you for your support! Celebrating 50th Anniversary

A Brand Loved by the World

MIKI HOUSE, started by just myself and my wife in 1971, has been nurtured by all of you in numbers I could not have imagined and became a global brand. As we hit our 50th anniversary, I sincerely thank all those who have loved MIKI HOUSE from the bottom of my heart.

In those 50 years, we wished for customers to cherish our products for a long time, be passed from sibling to sibling, parent to child, and have pursued a high standard of quality as such.

We wished for children to have big dreams and have the strength to build a brighter future, so we sponsored athletes and led numerous activities to encourage those dreams.

All children have infinite possibilities. To support those wonderful possibilities and their healthy growth, and to create a world where they can feel, dream, and smile, I hope we continue to be a company that will help children all around the world.

We will aim to be a brand loved by the world and continue to strive with all our hearts

Koichi Kimura
Founder & Group President of MIKI HOUSE Group

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