MIKI HOUSE Raincoats

Cute, Smart Design

Rain makes it hard to see your surroundings. Parents not only need to keep their children dry but also make sure they can see where they’re going during their little rain adventure. MIKI HOUSE Rain accessories have unique, smart designs to keep children dry, prevent trips on slippery surfaces, and provide clear vision to ensure their safety.

Raincoats with Full-body Protection

Lightweight & water repellent raincoat. The hood has a clear rim for better vision in the rain. Features light reflectors on the pockets and back for safety at night. This raincoat is also foldable for easy carrying and comes with a pouch for neat storage.

Transparent Panel on Umbrella

Why does our umbrella have a transparent panel? This panel helps children expand their field of vision in the rain.

Slip-Resistant Rain Boots

Wet surfaces are very dangerous! They can be very slippery and can cause children to trip and fall. Our rain boots have slip protection on the sole and are ultra lightweight. Stay safe!

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