My First Shoes

Shoes for Walking Beginners

The best first shoes for babies who have just started walking. First Shoes support their feet firmly and promote the proper way of walking and the healthy growth of feet. Won Kids Design Award in 2009 backed by Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Made in Japan.


Anatomy of Baby’s Foot

1. Soft Bone Structure

Baby’s foot is composed of more cartilage than adults. It will gradually become bones as they grow. Inappropriate shoes can prevent from natural development of not only foot but also the entire bone structure.

2. Baby’s Walking Style

Adults walk in the way the heel touches the ground first then the toe leaves the ground lastly. But babies walk by putting the entire sole down. So, babies can easily stumble.

3. Sweaty Foot

The number of sweat glands is same between an adult and an infant. Therefore, babies’ foot is more sweaty. It is important to wear socks or shoes that wick away the sweat faster.


1. Turned-up Toe

It prevents stumbling.

2. Room to Grow

Toe box has enough room for toes to spread as if they are in barefoot walking.

3. Hard Heel Counter

Big and hard counter holds heel and ankle firmly, prevents them from turning inward or outward and promotes natural walking.

4. Soft Heel Pad & Thick Cushioned Insole

Both cover heel and ankle softly.

5. Wide Opening & Wide Hook-and-Loop Strap

Wide opening makes wearing easier. Wide strap secures fit.

6. Flexible Joint Design

Sole is designed to bend easily at toe area. This design helps children to walk smoothly and promotes healthy development of feet.

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