Pre-walking Shoes

Shoes for Pre Walkers

The best pre-walking shoes for babies who can stand up by themselves. Extremely lightweight but protect baby's feet. Thin, Barefoot Walking Sole makes a baby feel as if he were barefoot and promotes healthy development of feet and body.

Won Kids Design Award in 2019 backed by Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Made in Japan.


Shoes that allow your baby to comfortably start walking practice

When baby goes from crawling to standing, shoes that have been designed with the functionality necessary for beginning walking practice. Pre-Shoes gently protect baby’s delicate, undeveloped bones and muscles while still transferring the feeling of walking barefoot and urging foot development. With the feeling of being barefoot, these shoes are perfect for walking practice inside on the soft floor or for going out in the stroller.

Pre-Shoes: Size 10.5cm-12.5cm

*Size range varies depending on the product.

A special combination of fibers has been used so that the sole forms to baby’s feet their first time wearing shoes. The proper grip makes slipping difficult while still providing the feeling of being barefoot and encouraging foot growth.

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