Protect Babies & Kids from UV Damage

The skin of all infants (not just those who have fair skin) is particularly vulnerable to sun damage, partly because they haven't yet developed all the melanin, the natural skin pigment that provides some sun protection*. Protecting babies and young children from UV exposure in early stage of life and 365 days is very essential for health.

*Source: The Skin Cancer Foundation Journal, "Sun-Safe Babies", May 10, 2016


1. Cut UV More Than 90%

Most of our UV PROTECTION COLLECTION products prevent UV by more than 90%, or more than 80% on certain items.

2. Detachable Neck Covers

Some UV Protection Hats have a detachable neck cover has extended coverage to neck where easily get sunburned.

3. Quick Dry, Antibacterical, Deodorant

Some of our UV Protection Hats feature quick sweat absorbency for quick dry.  Others are antibacterial and deodorant.
They are perfect companion for a playdate or vacation.

MIKI HOUSE UV Cut Hat Feature

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