MIKI HOUSE Group Supplier Human Rights Policy

MIKI HOUSE Group and its affiliates, through various corporate activities, earnestly hope for the vital and healthy growth of all children; to truly see children’s smiles and dream flourish. In order to create a world where each and every child’s individuality shines, we must handle each issue with care and attention.

In realizing this effort, we recognize that, while respecting the human rights of our stakeholders, all corporate activities have the potential to effect human rights. Aware of the importance of working to reduce such influential activities, we demand that our suppliers effectively stop child labor and abolish forced labor, discrimination, and modern slavery.     

Furthermore, alongside our CSR Procurement Policy and Code of Conduct, we aim to live up to our responsibility to protect human rights by pledging to the below.

  1. We will strive to respect all international standards that affect human rights, such as international human rights regulations or international labor standards.
  2. If the domestic laws of the applicable area do not meet the internationally recognized human rights standards, we will work to find a solution while respecting the international human rights regulations.
  3. We will make efforts to increase knowledge, education, and awareness in regards to human rights for all officers and employees.
  4. We will enact our due diligence to deal with both the apparent and potentially negative impact on human rights in all of our corporate activities.
  5. Should our corporate activities either directly or indirectly impact human rights, we will work to remedy the situation or cooperate in the efforts to remedy the situation and strive to ensure there are no recurrences.
  6. We will hold discussions and conversations with our business connections along the supply chain as well as our stakeholders to ensure that our responsibility to respect human rights is upheld. If they are not compliant, we will seek the proper method of handling.