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Floral Delight Baby Gift Set

Floral Delight Baby Gift Set

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This lovely gift set comes with coveralls, a kimono-style convertible robe, a knotted beanie, mittens, and a bib. The first four items have all the same adorable pattern with flowers, bees, and bunnies, while the bib is decorated with elegant lace. This set is full of lovely clothing for your little one that can be worn in different outfits or as individual pieces.

$320 Value.

This item comes in a beautiful complimentary gift wrapping.

[Coveralls - Bunny]

[Kimono-Style Hadagi Bodysuit]

[Ribbon and Lace Bib]

[Cotton Baby Hat]

[Cotton Baby Mittens]

Materials / Specs

Coveralls - Bunny
- 100% cotton
- Rib: 73% cotton, 27% polyester
- Made in Japan

Kimono-Style Hadagi Bodysuit
- 100% cotton
- Made in Japan

- Usako’s Dessert Delights: Bib
- Back fastener facilitates the process of putting it on and taking it off
- Lining is waterproof
- (Outer material) 100% cotton (Lining) 100% polyester
- Made in Japan

- Cotton Baby Hat
- Size: cir. 15 3/4"-17 1/4" (40-44cm)
- 100% cotton
- Made in Japan

- Cotton Baby Mittens
- 100% cotton
- Made in Japan

Care Instructions

Machine wash cold, line dry

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SKU: 44-1034-982-08-50

Learn more about Hadagi

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What is Hadagi? & Why is it necessary?

Hadagi is a light kimono-style bodysuit necessary to protect newborns from all kinds of irritants.

Hadagi is usually for 0-6 months old newborns. The baby grows in the warm, protective amniotic fluid of mommy’s womb.  But the moment your baby is born, their bare skin suddenly comes in contact with the air outside and with it all kinds of skin irritation.  Hadagi is made to gently cocoon your baby’s delicate skin as a protective layer. 

For Baby's Comfort Against Unwanted Sweat

While adults might feel like wearing Hadagi under a t-shirt is totally unnecessary, that’s not true for babies. Your tiny baby has just as many sweat glands as adults, with an average body temperature of 37°C (98.6°F) and high water content.

Babies sweat A LOT.  Drinking breast milk or baby formula is a whole body workout for your baby, making them sweat all over. That’s why your baby needs Hadagi to absorb and wicker away all the sweat. 

Why is Hadagi made kimono-style?

Changing your newborn’s clothes can be nerve-wracking for many parents. Your baby’s neck is just so wobbly! Kimono-style Hadagi gently wraps around your newborn without the need to move your baby’s delicate neck.

Our Hadagi is an exquisite fusion of MIKI HOUSE’s top-quality fabric and traditional Japanese kimono style. It’s a total must-have to breathe superior comfort into your baby’s everyday to support easier and happier parenting.

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